For Beginners: No Experience Necessary (code4lib2018, February 14, 2018)  – recording [1]

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Digital Security for Activists and Human Rights Defenders (Swarthmore College, February 21, 2017) — Resources

Staying Safe Online (Swarthmore Public Library, November 16, 2016) — Resources

Saving Our Social Media (Harvard IT Summit, June 2, 2016) — Resources

Great Challenges (in special collection cataloging and metadata creation) – April 26, 2016 — Resources

Content and Context  – Archiving Social Media for Future Use – with Sylvia Rollason-Cass (New England Archivists, April 2, 2016) — Handout

Strange New Worlds: Exploring Careers Outside of Archives – roundtable with Annalisa Moretti, Michelle Chiles, Chris Markman, and Allyson Glazier (New England Archivists, April 1, 2016) — Storify

Digital Preservation 101, or How to Keep Bits for Centuries : the condensed edition(code4lib, March 8, 2016)   — handoutrecording (note that the sound cuts out briefly at two spots)

Digital Preservation 101, or, How to Keep Bits for Centuries (Harvard IT Summit, June 4, 2015)

Why is There an Octothorpe in this Data? On Preserving Technological and Social Forms used in Social Media (Personal Digital Archiving conference, April 24, 2015)

[1] Please accept my apologies for making a joke using the concept of a ‘spirit animal’; I have changed that in my slides. It unfortunately remains in the recording. For reasons why appropriating this concept for a joke is wrong, please see this post, as well as my public apology.